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          Leadership Essentials

          Everyone has the potential to be a great leader, but great leadership does not just happen. Great leaders intentionally create a plan, a road map, for developing themselves in the type of leader that others want to follow.

          Becoming the kind of leader who inspires, engages, and motivates takes many different qualities. Not only do you need strong knowledge and expertise in your field, you also need to understand what leadership is and what it means to lead by example. The more you can exemplify that which you wish your team to embody, the more you become the kind of leader others wish to follow. Intelligent, kind, understanding, open to new ideas, compassionate, and humble… these are all qualities that also endear us to our closest friends and confidantes. In this course, get ready to think about what you really value and how to bring more of that into your leadership.

          Key Topics:

          • Leadership Defined
          • Values-based Leadership
          • Positive Expectations
          • Delegation
          • Ethical Leadership
          • Demonstrating Leadership

          Course Duration:

          2-4 hours with the ability to start/stop/return at any time.

          Recommended Participants:

          • New Supervisors
          • Step-up Supervisors
          • Front Line Managers
          • Contributing Team Members

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